Fruits for healthy skin

So we all know by now that fruits and veggies are good for us. But can eating more healthy foods really give us glowing skin? Dr. Neetu Nirdosh, a leading celebrity dermatologist thinks so. In an interview with Daily Mail, he claimed that “Only 20 per cent of the way you age is down to genetic factors. The other 80 per cent is governed by lifestyle factors such as smoking and sun damage.” And while other dermatologists may debate that percentage, doctors and laymen alike are beginning to realize the powerful link between diet and our skin.
Fruits for healthy skin

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With that in mind, we have compiled a list of the top “super-fruits” you can consume to improve the look of your skin from the inside out. Why are they super? These fruits are packed with antioxidants and vitamins that help reduce free radical damage in the body and aid in other body processes that can ultimately help keep your skin clear and glowing.

The thing about antioxidants

Antioxidants are a buzzword advertised all over these days. But what are antioxidants and what do they actually do? Antioxidants are molecules that help prevent something called oxidative stress from happening in our body. There are countless chemical reactions taking place at all times within our body — this is a process known as metabolism. And sometimes, during these reactions, an atom can lose one of its electrons. When this happens, that electron becomes known as a “free radical.”

This free-floating electron can go on to react with and cause damage to other molecules in our body, like our DNA for example. This damage can eventually lead to disease and other health concerns. Antioxidant molecules neutralize free radicals by “donating” or giving them one of their electrons, and this is why they are so important for our health. Almost all foods contain some level of antioxidants but certain foods have more than others, and fruits and vegetables are some of our highest sources.

Now that we understand how everything works, let’s get on to some of the greatest sources of antioxidants (and other nutrients) in the fruit world.

Fruits for healthy skin: Blueberries

Blueberries, and all berries, in general, are known for their extra-high levels of antioxidants when eaten raw. Blueberries are especially beneficial because they are high in fiber and contain high levels of vitamin C, vitamin K and manganese, a trace mineral that is essential for many processes in our body such as forming connective tissue, bones and sex hormones.

Goji Berries

Goji berries have been used in China for centuries to address a whole host of health woes. These berries are loaded with beta-carotene a pigment found in plants and fruits that converts into vitamin A in our body, an essential nutrient that aids in skin disorders, asthma symptoms heart disease and more.

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Fruits for healthy skin: Beets

Beets are another natural wonder for our body. Beets contain pigments called betalins that help our body neutralize and get rid of toxic substances. Beets are also full of insoluble fiber that helps clear out the colon and provide resistance for the bowels, keeping our digestive system moving smoothly. Another reason to eat beets is that they are high in vitamin C and essential minerals, including potassium, manganese and the B vitamin folate.


Pomegranates are another rich source of antioxidants. These jewel-toned fruits also have iron, calcium, vitamin C, vitamin E, magnesium and are high in fiber. Recent studies also reveal that the ellagitannin compounds they contain may lower the risk of heart disease. Other research also suggests that they may have antibacterial properties and help reduce viral infections.

Fruits for healthy skin: Lemons

As you probably already know, lemons are an excellent source of vitamin C and antioxidants. The lemon is widely purported for its detoxifying qualities and the citric acid it contains helps stimulate the liver, which aids in digestion. Lemons are an alkalizing food. This means they have a low pH level. Many diseases are reported to thrive in an acidic environment, that’s why eating alkaline foods that help keep the body in its natural, slightly alkaline state is important.


We all know the saying about the doctor and the apple, and it turns out that there may be more truth in it than we realize. Apples are good for a variety of reasons. Not only are they high in antioxidants, but they also are extremely high in fiber, which means they are especially beneficial for our digestive health. They have been shown to help with acid reflux, intestinal infections and diarrhoea. Not to mention, apples are full of vitamins, including vitamin C, A, Band pectin, a phytonutrient known to help lower cholesterol.

Make these part of you daily diet and find your skin glowing. Enjoy!

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