CZ en SkinVision in de prijzen gevallen

De jury van de Dutch Digital Health Challenge, een wedstrijd om implementatie van innovaties in de Nederlandse zorg te versnellen, selecteerde de samenwerking tussen CZ en SkinVision als winnaar in de categorie “Zorgverzekeraar”. Het ministerie van volksgezondheid, welzijn en sport (VWS), Rockstart (een start up incubator) en Health 2.0 werken in deze challenge samen. Hun gezamenlijke doel is om van Nederland het beste digitale health ecosysteem te maken. Met deze wedstrijd willen zij Nederlandse digitale health startups in de schijnwerpers zetten en hen ondersteunen in het opzetten van samenwerkingen.

common skin lesions pictures

How do common skin lesions look? (with pictures)

The majority of skin lesions are benign, but when a new lesion or mark appears on our skin, it can be difficult to tell whether it is dangerous. If you have any suspicions about a mark, mole or lesion, you should ask your doctor to check it. Nevertheless, it is useful to know how the common skin lesions look like to be able to recognise them.

In this post, we explain all about the most common skin lesions (with pictures) and their main characteristics.


How to keep a healthy skin in the summer | 5 tips

In most parts of Europe, people are currently enjoying plenty of sunshine as the summer is coming closer. But the sun hasn’t shown its full potential yet. So, how can you enjoy the heartfully warm days while keeping your skin healthy? Here are five tips on how to keep a healthy skin in the summer, without missing out on the pleasures of sunlight.

Machine Learning Technology_

How Machine Learning Technology Detects Skin Cancer

While you most likely don’t realize it, machine learning is often used in your daily life.  For example, when social media suggests tagging your friends in pictures because it recognizes them, or the spam filter on your email account removing unwanted emails. In healthcare, machine learning also takes its part in recognizing skin cancer. Machine learning has been used in hospitals for many years, but now you can use it yourself to track your health in the comfort of your home!

How to prevent squamous cell carcinoma

How to prevent squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) | 5 steps

Squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) is one of the most common forms of skin cancer, affecting more than one million people in the US alone each year. While it is usually easily treatable, it can become deadly if it spreads beyond the skin and into the lymph nodes or internal organs of the body. That’s why prevention is so important.

How to prevent squamous cell carcinoma? Read it below.

Is it safe to use sunscreen on a daily basis?

Australia and New Zealand have the highest incidence of skin cancer globally. Two-in-three Australians will be diagnosed with skin cancer in their lifetime, and several awareness campaigns in that country try to educate people from a young age about the risk of skin cancer. One of the key points within those campaigns is the use of sunscreen (or suncream, as the Aussies like to call it) but it seems that this message is not coming through entirely. A new study shows that many Australians worry about safety.

Basal Cell Carcinoma

Is basal cell carcinoma itchy?

When it comes to detecting skin cancer, it’s important to understand the possible signs and symptoms. Basal cell carcinoma is the most common form of skin cancer. When found early, there are many treatment options in most cases. That’s why the SkinVision program is aimed towards early detection. There are several things to know about basal cell carcinoma – so when these things happen, you’ll know what to do.

how melanoma forms

How melanoma forms

Melanoma is the rarest but deadliest form of skin cancer. Just why it is so deadly is revealed in the way that it forms. It is important to know how melanoma forms so you can provide yourself regularly from self-checks.

What melanoma moles look like

What melanoma moles look like

Melanoma is the most dangerous (and potentially deadly) form of skin cancer. That’s why it is so important to detect the early signs. When found early, there are treatment options in most cases. So what melanoma moles look like? Let’s take a closer look.

Skin cancer check Perth

If you live in Perth, you might be well aware of the skin cancer risk. Australia, together with new Zealand, has the highest percentage of skin cancer cases in the world. The amount of sun that Perth sees throughout the year is causing a high risk. In the summer, a long streak of extreme UV exposure can be seen. This all means that a skin cancer check for anyone living in Perth is a smart idea to perform regularly.

Skin cancer in dark skin

Skin cancer in dark skin — here’s what you need to know

For many with dark skin, melanoma or skin cancer may seem like a far-off possibility, something that only happens to light-skinned people.  The reality is that skin cancer can occur in any skin type, and while it is less common for people with dark(er) skin, it is often deadlier as it is usually detected in the later stages. Read on for a look at the stats and what you should know about skin cancer in darker skin.

White spots on the skin

White spots on the skin from sun exposure: are they dangerous?

After a long summer spent outside in the sun, you may notice new white spots on your skin. What do these spots mean? Are they dangerous? Should I be concerned? Most of the time, these white spots on the skin are a sign of sun damage. Skin cells that have been overexposed to UV rays from the sun will often stop producing melanin, creating areas of depigmentation, or white spots.

Busting three common skin care myths

While awareness of skin cancer and the risks of UV exposure is increasing worldwide, there are still many widespread myths around skin care and sun exposure that won’t seem to go away. With conflicting information online, it can sometimes be difficult to tease out what’s true from what’s false — that’s why we are addressing three of the most common skin care myths below.

Protecting minors from skin cancer – this is what you can do

Sadly the skin cancer rates have been steadily climbing all over the world for the past few decades now. Together with you, SkinVision has a mission to help bring these rates down and save a lot of people in the process. One of the most important things when it comes to the skin cancer problem, is awareness. The lack of awareness that is. Because if we all know how big this threat is and how we can avoid getting skin cancer, together we can fight it. This involves minors as well. When we are young we might not realize that we can already decrease the risk of getting skin cancer during our live time.

This means that we have to raise awareness for kids and at the same time take precautions for minors / teens to make sure they are not at risk. But how can you do this?

Skin cancer clinic Sydney

As an Australian, you know that skin cancer is part of everyday life. That, unfortunately, is the reality. With the amount (and strength) of UV radiation from the sun, Australians see high skin cancer rates all over the country. So what can you do and what are your options in Sydney specifically?

How Movember can be a powerful tool for skin cancer awareness

The month of Movember is upon us, and that means bands of men around the world will begin growing moustaches in an effort to support men’s health. The Movember movement started in 2003 when a group of friends in Australia decided to grow some moustaches for fun, and now it has expanded into a global event raising millions of dollars for men’s health issues every year. The goal is not only to gather donations but also to spark conversations around men’s health concerns that men typically ignore or put off. This helps bring valuable information regarding prevention and detection to light.

Express: “Woman found out she had cancer by using a smartphone app”

Natalie Killian took matters into her own hands when doctors dismissed her fears. Everyone did back then,” says the 39-year-old graphic designer from Cannock, Staffordshire. “I felt better with a tan and the risks just weren’t publicised in the way they are now.” It’s something that Natalie, who is married to Jason, 43, and mum …

Express: “Woman found out she had cancer by using a smartphone app” Read More »

Many melanoma patients see a doctor when it’s too late

Melanoma is the deadliest form of skin cancer, but if caught early, it’s highly treatable. Unfortunately, many studies find that patients are often diagnosed too late. Once cancer has spread to the lymph nodes, organs or bones, chances of survival drop significantly. That’s why early detection is key.

The importance of sun protection for builders and farmers

More time spent under the sun can pose a higher risk for damage to our skin. It is entirely unsurprising that an increasing amount of studies show the link between outdoor jobs and a higher incidence of skin cancer. Particularly at risk are farmers and construction workers who usually spend the majority of their days working unprotected under the sun. Let’s have a better look at the importance of sun protection for builders and farmers.

Sun exposure when pregnant — what’s important to know

When you’re pregnant, you’ll be aware of the long list of dos and don’ts to keep both mother and baby happy and healthy. So where does sun exposure stand on that list? How much is needed or should it be avoided altogether? We delve into these questions, looking at the link between sun exposure and pregnancy.

Where is skin cancer most common on the body?

Skin cancer is the most common type of cancer, with 2 and 3 million non-melanoma skin cancers and 132,000 melanoma skin cancers occurring globally each year, according to the World Health Organization. Knowing where skin cancer normally appears and the warning signs can help you stay safe as early detection significantly increases chances of survival.

Learn about the most common forms of skin cancer below and where they usually show up on the body.

What skincare products do you need for your face?

When it comes to skincare, the face is one of the most talked-about areas. That’s because our face represents us in a certain way. Our faces are never invisible and not protected by clothing neither. So taking care of the skin on your face is important. But what kind of products do you have to use? And do you have to use skincare products at all?

How skin cancer is treated

If you have been diagnosed you will be discussing skin cancer treatment options with your doctor. Of course, this depends on the type of skin cancer, the stage, and other factors. But it’s good to know which treatment options are commonly available and what they mean. In this article, we will describe how skin cancer is treated for the different types of skin cancer – where we will make the distinction between non-melanoma (basal cell carcinoma & squamous cell carcinoma) and melanoma skin cancer. As the treatment options for those types can be specific.

Why you should use sun protection year-round

It’s easy to remember skin protection when the sun is out or when you’re headed to a beach holiday, but on the cloudy days or during the winter doldrums, it’s harder to remember. But even when the sun is hiding, it can still do damage. That’s why skin protection is something to stay vigilant about year-round, on the gray days too. We explore exactly why that is below and share some tips for keeping your skin safe.