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“Doing nothing would have been easy...“

Stacey Everson
SkinVision user in New Zealand

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“I think it probably saved my life.”

Seonaid Sichel, United Kingdom

I remembered about the app and did another check. Again it came back as high-risk and the very next day I received an email urging me to go to a dermatologist, it was this email that spurred me into action.

Two weeks later I got the results, it was an invasive superficial Malignant Melanoma 1A. I think without SkinVision I would have left if for a year or two, by that stage it would have been too late. I have recommended the app to a number of people.

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“Two weeks later it turned out to be a melanoma.”

Susanna Hancock, United Kingdom

I wouldn’t have made the appointment had I not used SkinVision, I’ve had the mole for two years but they have on all previous visits dismissed it. It may well have saved my life.

It’s interesting the reaction you get when you talk to people about skin cancer. I’m not sure it carries the same gravitas as the more known cancers and yet melanoma is a killer. 

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Am I at risk of skin cancer?

It’s important to be aware of the risks that your specific skin type holds. This allows you to know how to take care of it – and how to make sure your skin stays healthy.

With the SkinVision app you can quickly identify your personal risk type, and what that means for you.

“SkinVision gave me added confidence to go and ask the doctor about it”

William Webber, United Kingdom

I had read about SkinVision in the paper and thought I would give it a try that afternoon. I downloaded the app and it immediately came up with a high risk result.

After seeing a dermatoligists and having the spot removed a few weeks later, the results revealed a Melanoma in situ, the earliest stage of the cancer. William received a wide local excision, removing 1cm of skin down to the muscle around the lesion a few  days later.

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“It’s scary to think that without the SkinVision app the Melanoma could easily have been on my arm for years.``

Andrew Bartlett, United Kingdom

I downloaded the app and followed the simple instructions. I immediately got a high-risk result and advice to see my GP urgently.

This was exactly the kick I needed to stop procrastinating and take action. I managed to get an appointment within a few days and was immediately referred to the local hospital.”

Barry Joblin

“I’m now under strict watch.”

Barry Joblin, New Zealand

I had a lesion come up, small and pink, like a pimple. Didn’t think much of it but as it was new, I used SkinVision on it and got a red rating. This was enough to make me concerned, but I decided to see my doctor when an email from the SkinVision team urged me to do so.

The melanoma was removed along with my lymph nodes. Luckily, there were no signs of cancer in my lymphs. I’m now under strict watch.

Want to share your story with the world and make people more aware?
We will get it out there.

Want to share your story with the world and make people more aware? We will get it out there.

“The app has probably saved my life.”

Caroline Salmon
SkinVision user in the United Kingdom


This is what the dermatologists
say about us:

I believe that SkinVision is a lifesaver! This app enables people all over the world to take their skin seriously. That strengthens me in my work.

Vera Heydendael MD, PhD
Certified Senior Dermatologist, the Netherlands

It’s easier and safer for both me and my patients. I work with it every day.

Kostas Koutsioukis
Dermashape, Member of the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD)

“As a doctor, I embrace the mission of SkinVision”

Marc Verhaegh
Lead dermatologist SkinVision

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