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Perform regular self-checks for skin cancer with your phone.

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1 in 5
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At SkinVision, we take the health of our users seriously. Research is at the heart of our organization. 

The latest research proves that SkinVision can detect 95% of skin cancer. The sensitivity of general practitioners ranges from 61% and 66%, while the sensitivity of dermatologists is between 75% and 92%. 

We aim to raise awareness of skin cancer and provide a regulated medical device to help individuals assess their risk and get to the doctor in time. SkinVision is certified by BSI. 

SkinVision in the news

January 17, 2020 Saved by an app: Office worker, 31, is diagnosed with a deadly form of skin cancer after his mobile phone warned him about a tiny mole on his arm


SkinVision Service:
Keep your skin healthy with regular self-checks

Take a photo of your skin spot

Open the SkinVision camera and take a photo of the skin spot that concerns you. You may need the help of someone else if your skin spot is in a difficult place.

Receive your risk indication

SkinVision gives you a low or high-risk indication within 30 seconds.

Schedule your next check

Store your photos securely and set up reminders for your next skin checks. Stay on top of your skin health with regular checks.

Why use SkinVision?

Many health systems around the world have invested heavily in the treatment of various diseases, but they still fall behind when it comes to finding ways to prevent them. SkinVision introduces an integrated dermatology service as a preventive health medium that helps you stay on top of your skin health.

SkinVision makes it possible to detect skin cancer at an early stage when it’s most treatable and has less expensive treatment options. As a result, the early detection of skin cancer allows you to save on medical costs occurring from future treatment.

You are joining more than 1 million people that use SkinVision to keep their skin healthy.


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