A year of awareness: Melanoma cases are rising, help us fight it!

The new year is now here and 2015 will be a time to put more effort in the fight against melanoma (what is melanoma exactly?). And for this to succeed we’ll need awareness. Want to join us in this fight?

Melanoma accounts for less than 2% of skin cancer cases but is the deadliest form of skin cancer. But with taking care of your skin and early detection of possible risky skin spots that number should be much lower.

Diagnoses in 2015

About 80.000+ people (a bit more men than women) will be diagnosed with melanoma in 2015 in the United States alone. This number is high and (sadly) is becoming higher every year.

Rising for 30 years

The number of diagnosed melanomas has been rising for the past 30 (!) years. This is also caused by more voluntary exposure to UV light by tanning and going on holidays. By taking good care of your skin, and checking your skin often for any risky spots the risk for melanoma can be easily reduced.

Aware and share

Awareness of melanoma risk is the first step in reducing the growing number of diagnoses. Make sure you protect your skin and regularly perform skin checks, through the SkinVision app  on your phone or by visiting a doctor.

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