How your skin can show signs of ill health

You might not be overly keen on yoga and other “new age” ideas about our health. But according to Ayurveda, a system of medicine with historical roots in the Indian subcontinent, the way your body looks on the outside could be an excellent communicator for how your body is feeling on the inside. It makes great sense and you don’t need to adopt the lotus position or use weird herbal extracts to take advantage of the skin care tips and wisdom that comes from this centuries-old practice.

This idea of facial mapping is one way that it is possible to understand the internal energies and how they are affecting our wellbeing. Simply by looking at the face, the skin and the expressions, experts in this technique can identify what might be wrong with you on the inside. Maybe you can even have a go yourself.

Skin health: Forehead

It is thought that poor nutrition, a lack of sleep and stress will all lead to the skin on the forehead showing signs of dryness and increases lines and wrinkles. This is because this area of the face holds very little fat and tends to lose moisture and sweat compared to other areas of the face.

It is recommended that you eat nourishing foods, drink more water and do low impact exercises to improve. Good sleep will help too.

Skin health: The cheeks

Inflammation tends to show up on our cheeks with a rosy complexion not always a good sign of health. If your liver or circulatory system is not working well then your cheeks may show it. You may experience breakouts, blackheads and rashes.

Purifying the blood by avoiding spicy foods and having watery cooling foods will help. Do gentle exercise that will not make you hot such as swimming.

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Skin health: Under the eye

This area is thought to show signs of adrenal fatigue in the form of dark circles and fine lines. The kidneys may also be affected due to dehydration.

Simply drinking more water and having massages could help. A moisturiser that contains fats like ghee could also add back hydration.

Skin health: The chin

Your hormonal health will influence your chin – as anyone who suffers monthly pimples will know. Yeast levels are also thought to influence this part of the face.

Reducing sweet food will help improve the skin and highly metabolising exercise such as running will do wonders. Sage and rosemary are great for reducing excess oil when applied to the skin.

No matter whether you believe in the ancient art of face mapping, many of these facial skin issues make good sense and we intuitively know what to do to make ourselves feel better. By eating well, staying hydrated and using good skincare products we can not only improve our skin but improve our insides too.

5 Essential Steps to Healthy Skin

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