On melanoma symptoms: changing moles

We get a lot of questions about the subject changing moles and melanoma symptoms. Of course, this is something that a lot of people worry about; is this mole simply a mole or is it a risky skin spot?

There are quite a few melanoma symptoms, and we will talk about this subject on the blog more often to make sure that everybody is informed about these characteristics and is able to do the first check themselves.

Next to describing the melanoma symptoms, give the SkinVision app a try. This will help you in doing that first check and will give you an instant result on the risk factor of the app. If you are in any doubts about some spot on your skin, also do not hesitate and go see a doctor or dermatologist.

The color of your skin mole

Expanding moles

When moles are expanding, it could be a sign of melanoma – but of course, it doesn’t have to be. Don’t stress out too quickly, but be aware that it could be a melanoma symptom.

What does a normal mole look like?

Expanding means that it is growing in size on our skin, so it is actually getting bigger. Moles that expand have a higher risk factor than the ones that don’t, so don’t be afraid but make sure you monitor them closely.

Common skin lesions

Growing moles

The same goes for moles that are growing in height. If a mole grows higher over time, it’s considered abnormal growth. And that would mean that there is a risk to it. Again, this could be a melanoma symptom, but it is not assured. Make sure to do a check or have it checked out.

Melanoma symptoms are shown on both men and women and occur in all age groups – from children to pensioners.

If you have moles that are changing in the form of expansion or height, take action to assess the risk factor.

Skin cancer pictures


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