Probiotics and your skin

We've all heard of probiotics – that's the stuff they put in yogurt. Its the healthy stuff that keeps our tummy from getting bloated and helps our immune system after we take antibiotics. They put back the good “biotics” that the “anti's” take out. But did you know that probiotics can do magic things for your skin? It isn't all happening on the inside – that great tummy feeling can be applied to your skincare routine as well.
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Probiotics are taken two ways

There are two ways that probiotics can give you that glowing skin you want. You can take a probiotic in the form of a daily yogurt, a tablet or one of those clever little drinks and your skin will start to improve. After all, inflammation inside your gut will mean that your digestive system is all up the spout. This will show in the form of dryness, spots, and rashes. 

A good balance inside your tummy will be a good looking face. You can also get your probiotics from your diet in the form of fermented foods such as those you can find at the health food store. Raw vegetables are also a good source and coconut kefir made into a drink makes a good alternative to those sugary cultured drinks the supermarkets sell.

The other way is to apply it topically directly to your skin. We don’t mean that you should lather on some greek yogurt every night, but maybe consider investing in one of the new probiotic skincare options that are now available. Most claim that skin that has been exposed to the sun, is damaged or is feeling a bit sensitive will benefit from probiotic technology.

How do probiotics work?

So how does a probiotic actually work for damaged skin? The probiotic works on the bacteria that live on your skin – ensuring that only the good guys stick around and that any inflammation is reduced. Inflammation causes things like acne, spots, and dry patches. Not only that but probiotics can be easily absorbed into the skin leaving it feeling and looking fab.

5 Essential Steps to Healthy Skin

If you layout in the sun, don’t expect that a quick dose of probiotics is going to mean you are at a lower risk of skin cancer – but it might help reduce the impact in terms of wrinkles and irritation.

If you do have any skin moles that are worrying you – see your doctor, but buy yourself a quick probiotic drink on the way – just to be on the safe side.

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