Skin check Auckland: what are your options?

When it comes to looking after your skin health, regular skin checks need to be part of your routine. Especially when you live in an area where UV exposure levels are high, as well as skin cancer incidence. New Zealand is an example of that kind of high-risk country. So what are your options when you want to do a skin check? Let's take a look at the situation in Auckland.

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Importance of skin checks

Early detection of (melanoma) skin cancer is crucial, as chances of successfully treating it are much higher. Melanoma New Zealand states on its website: “Check your entire body regularly, including skin not normally exposed to the sun. You should ask for help from someone else to check difficult-to-see areas, such as your back, neck, and scalp.”

That’s why it’s good to have multiple options. Have regular skin checks in a clinic, and perform self-checks with tools like SkinVision – to make sure you can monitor your skin health properly.

Skin cancer symptoms: what to look out for

Skin check yourself

The first step is to be able to monitor your skin. This is a way to keep tabs on any skin spots that may pose a threat. A self-check at home will give you an instant risk indication, which you can take to your doctor for further examination. The SkinVision app enables you to check the risk of any mole and to monitor that mole over time from your personal archive. Also, you can assist your loved ones in checking spots that are hard to see, as advised by Melanoma NZ.

Download the app here, and do your first self-check within seconds.

Skin check-in a clinic

Next to self-checks, clinics offer services for a full skin check as a great way to have an opinion from a dermatologist. For a skin check in Auckland, you have several options you can choose from.

Melanoma NZ supplies a list of clinics in Auckland. Based on your location you can choose either one. Click below for your region:

Auckland Central
North Auckland
West Auckland
East Auckland
South Auckland

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