SkinVision stories: Kim Waterton

We received this email from one of our customers (and now ambassador), Kim Waterton, 50, from Melbourne Australia that we just had to share on our blog.

“I had a mole that I had been suspicious about for a long time. I was too scared to do anything about it, which is stupid! I downloaded the SkinVision app and got a red rating, which was the shove I needed to see my doctor. She booked me in to have it excised within the week and I kept a positive outlook while I was waiting for the results.

The results were all clear, which is a wonderful outcome. There are no guarantees with your health and without the SkinVision app I would have left it. I’m very glad that I didn’t. I have shared my knowledge of the SkinVision app with not only friends and family, but also with my medical practitioner.  My friends and family are grateful to be able to check moles in the privacy of their own homes, which also alleviates the high cost of medical expenses. I continue to regularly check my moles and I know that if they do turn out to be nasty at least they would have been caught early with the app.

I really think the SkinVision app is one every person should have access to. Life gets so busy and we tend to forget the really important issues, especially when it comes to skin cancers. It always happens to someone else. Also, people tend to avoid going to doctors as they simply can’t afford it. At least with SkinVision, you can keep track of your moles, giving you peace of mind and alerting you to any changes.”

Kim’s story really shows the value of taking action when you’re afraid to, and the relief she feels after seeing her doctor is one of the reasons we continue to improve the app. Thank you for your story Kim, and we’re glad that you’re continuing to take control of your skin health!

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