Twice as many people die of skin cancer in Britain as in Australia – and a big reason why is our reluctance to slap on sun cream and a hat. More than 90 per cent of melanomas in Australia are curable as they are detected so early.

A new app aims to change all that. SkinVision provides a “risk rating” for skin cancer that claims to be 83 per cent accurate. It uses photos of a person’s moles taken on their smartphone.

Caroline Salmon says the app saved her life. The Cambridgeshire 49-year-old, who is mum to Beatrice, 18, and William, 16, says:

“I’ve always had fair skin but loved nothing more than the great outdoors. I took what I thought were sensible precautions – wearing sun cream on holiday and avoiding sunbeds – but like so many Brits, I seldom used sun cream in the UK.

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