The Sun: New app scans moles to determine if they’re cancerous – and it’s already saving lives

One of UK's biggest newspapers, The Sun, published an article on the UK launch of the SkinVision app. Half of Brits who die of skin cancer could have survived if it had been found earlier, and now there's an app to assess skin cancer risk from home.

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Twice as many people die of skin cancer in Britain as in Australia – and a big reason why is our reluctance to slap on sun cream and a hat. More than 90 per cent of melanomas in Australia are curable as they are detected so early.

A new app aims to change all that. SkinVision provides a “risk rating” for skin cancer that claims to be 83 per cent accurate. It uses photos of a person’s moles taken on their smartphone.

Caroline Salmon says the app saved her life. The Cambridgeshire 49-year-old, who is mum to Beatrice, 18, and William, 16, says:

“I’ve always had fair skin but loved nothing more than the great outdoors. I took what I thought were sensible precautions – wearing sun cream on holiday and avoiding sunbeds – but like so many Brits, I seldom used sun cream in the UK.

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