“They were amazed that you could get so much information from a photograph”

Theresa from Queensland, Australia wrote to us with a heartwarming tale of her experience with Skinvision. Thank you for sharing your story with us:

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I had a mole removed last week and got the results today. It was a melanoma and some skin was removed so no further action required.

Had several doctors over the last 5 years or so to examine the mole. Was always told it’s not raised so nothing to worry about.

Thank you for making available this amazingly accurate app to the general public.

My doctor and nurse had a look at the app and will tell other people about it. They were amazed that you could get so much information from a photograph.

Once again thank you 🙂

Mother of two beautiful girls in their twenties, grandmother of five gorgeous children. And mother of a precious twenty-one month old little boy.

Kindest regards and blessings to you all involved.

Theresa Ellis
From Queensland

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