World Cancer Day: so what can you do?

Raising awareness for skin cancer risk is one of our primary goals at SkinVision. Therefore we fully support World Cancer Day, which is happening today. It’s a worldwide campaign and its success depends on the support of the public: so what can you do?

World Cancer Day is a day for reflection and above all: action. A day to collectively raise our voice to friends, family, and colleagues – but also to people we don’t know. With the rise of social media your reach is bigger than ever, so use that to join us today.

Mass social media messages

Thunderclap is a tool to mass broadcast social media messages. If enough people are willing to publish a post on social media, the post will go live at the same time for all subscribers. Enter here:

Hashtags & social media materials

The World Cancer Day campaign website offers a lot of materials to use on social media. See what you can download here:

Oh, and don’t forget to include hashtags #WorldCancerDay and #WeCanICan to help in getting those to become trending topics.

Share tools & stories

SkinVision aims to reduce skin cancer incidence. Our tool enables all of your friends to self-check for skin cancer risk. Make sure to share this and other tools through social media when you come across them. Also, stories of others tend to have a lot of impact. Find experiences to share from all around the globe here:

Thank you for your support and let’s fight this together.

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