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Our goal, at SkinVision, is to provide easy, affordable and proper care for all users to promote routine skin health. We strive for these goals by setting high standards that we strictly adhere to in order to provide users with the best service possible. Because mobile devices hardware varies, we are, unfortunately, not able to provide our service on every device. This means that we have stopped offering our service on devices which are unable to meet the requirements needed to provide an accurate risk indication.

For example: The cameras on certain devices produce photos that cannot be processed by our technology.

Below you will be able to find a list of devices we currently do not support.

Show Unsupported Devices
OS Manufacturer Model
iOS Apple iPad6,11
iOS Apple iPad7,5
iOS Apple iPadPro10.5
iOS Apple iPadPro9.7
iOS Apple iPadPro12.9-2
iOS Apple iPodTouch6
iOS Apple iPad6,12
iOS Apple iPad7,6
iOS Apple iPadPro11
iOS Apple iPad8,1
iOS Apple iPadPro12.9-3
iOS Apple iPad2
iOS Apple iPad3
iOS Apple iPad4
iOS Apple iPadAir
iOS Apple iPadAir2
iOS Apple iPadMini
iOS Apple iPadMini2
iOS Apple iPadMini3
iOS Apple iPadMini4
iOS Apple iPadPro12.9
Android Xiaomi Redmi 4X
Android samsung SM-J330FN
Android samsung SM-J710GN
Android vivo vivo 1606
Android motorola XT1635-01
Android samsung SM-J701MT
Android samsung SM-J400F
Android samsung SM-J700M
Android Wileyfox Swift 2 Plus
Android samsung SM-J600GF
Android Xiaomi Redmi 5
Android samsung SM-J400M
Android samsung SM-J330F
Android motorola moto e5
Android samsung SM-J337P
Android VSUN Point X502
Android htc HTC Desire 12+
Android samsung SM-C115
Android samsung SM-J400G
Android samsung SM-A320FL
Android samsung SM-J710F
Android samsung SM-J600GT
Android vivo vivo 1718
Android asus ZC554KL
Android Xiaomi Redmi 4
Android vivo vivo 1802
Android samsung SM-A310M
Android Xiaomi Redmi 5A
Android motorola XT1562
Android samsung SM-A310F
Android motorola XT1635-02
Android samsung SM-J600G
Android samsung SM-J530Y
Android vivo vivo 1719
Android samsung SM-G850F
Android LGE LG-M700
Android vivo vivo 1610
Android vivo vivo 1603
Android X18 X18
Android samsung SM-J700H
Android vivo vivo 1801
Android samsung SM-J710MN
Android motorola Moto G Play
Android samsung SM-G570M
Android samsung GT-N7100
Android samsung SM-G750F
Android motorola moto e5 play
Android asus ASUS_X00HD
Android Meizu Meizu M8c
Android samsung SM-J530G
Android samsung SM-G800F
Android motorola Moto Z2 Play
Android samsung SM-J600F
Android samsung SM-G800Y
Android BLU Vivo XL4
Android asus ASUS_X00ID
Android samsung SM-G570Y
Android motorola Moto G (5) Plus
Android vivo vivo 1716
Android motorola moto e5 plus
Android KYOCERA 602KC
Android motorola moto g(6) play
Android Xiaomi Redmi Note 5A
Android samsung SM-G390Y
Android General Mobile GM 8 d
Android Xiaomi Redmi Y1
Android SHARP 507SH
Android samsung SM-J701F
Android samsung SM-G570F
Android motorola Moto G (5S)
Android samsung SM-J530F
Android GiONEE GN5001S
Android samsung SM-J600FN
Android coosea S8
Android vivo vivo 1814
Android vivo vivo 1803
Android Xiaomi Redmi Y1 Lite
Android motorola Moto G (5)
Android Xiaomi Redmi Note 5A Prime
Android samsung SM-A310Y
Android WIKO View
Android samsung SM-A320Y
Android samsung SM-J530FM
Android samsung SM-A320F
Android samsung SM-M105F
Android WIKO W_C800S
Android DOOGEE Shoot_1
Android samsung SM-J530GM
Android samsung SM-J330G
Android vivo vivo 1808
Android Mobicel R9 LITE
Android samsung SM-G531F
Android Prestigio PSP3530DUO
Android ZTE ZTE BLADE V0850
Android samsung SM-J700F
Android Wileyfox Swift 2
Android motorola Moto G (4)
Android WIKO W_C860
Android samsung SM-A600FN
Android ZTE ZTE BLADE A512
Android samsung SM-A600G
Android samsung SM-G390F
Android Mobistel Cynus_F10
Android samsung SM-J727AZ
Android WIKO W_C800
If you do not see your device in the list above and are experiencing technical difficulties, please contact us at