The SkinVision Service is a clinically validated medical device.

The hardware of mobile devices vary, and therefore we are unable to offer our service on every device. In order to offer our users the best service and quality, SkinVision is only available on mobile devices that can meet the requirements for an accurate risk indication. SkinVision is available on most Android smartphones (from 2017) and iPhones (5 and higher), excluding tablets like iPads.

We are consistently improving our service to make SkinVision compatible with all new smartphones. In the meantime, you can use other features in the app to manage your skin health. Read more in our FAQ’s here.

OS Manufacturer Model
iOS Apple iPad (all models)
iOS Apple iPad Mini (all models)
iOS Apple iPad Pro (all models)
iOS Apple iPad Air (all models)
iOS Apple iPod / iPod Touch (all models)
Android vivo vivo 1606
Android General Mobile GM 5 d
Android General Mobile General Mobile 4G Dual
Android General Mobile General Mobile 4G
Android CG Mobiles Pvt. Ltd. CG_MOBILE
Android Motorola Moto G(4)
Android Motorola Moto G(4) Play
Android ACER Liquid Zest model T06
Android Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 32GB 4G
Android OnePlus 3T
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