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How melanoma starts

Melanoma is the most dangerous type of skin cancer. The key to having possible treatment options is finding it early. That’s because melanoma can spread to the body, into other vital...

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Are melanoma moles painful?

Melanoma, the most dangerous type of skin cancer, commonly appears from moles. These skin cancers can appear either from new or existing moles and there are couple of melanoma symptoms to be...

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Are skin cancer spots raised or flat?

Detecting possible signs of skin cancer can be difficult. There are certain rules to follow – and of course tools like SkinVision enable you to perform self-checks. But with many possible signs...

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Where does melanoma appear?

Melanoma is the rarest yet deadliest form of skin cancer, accounting for a large majority of skin cancer deaths. If caught early, melanoma is usually easy to treat with a minor surgery. The key...

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Melanoma — what to look for?

Melanoma is the rarest yet deadliest form of skin cancer. If it is discovered in its early stages, it is usually highly treatable; however, if it spreads to the lymph nodes and organs, the...

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Where is skin cancer found?

The short answer is that skin cancer can be found anywhere; however, certain skin cancers are more likely to occur in certain places. Below we go over where skin cancer is typically found in the...

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Are skin cancer spots painful?

Are skin cancer spots painful? In short, sometimes. Painful or itchy spots can be an indication of skin cancer, but skin cancer lesions are not always painful. What’s important is recognizing the...

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What skin cancer looks like

Skin cancer comes in many different shapes and forms depending on the type, progression and the individual. Despite the differences, there are some common warning signs that indicate if a mole or...

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