Are melanoma moles painful?

Do you have a sore mole? Melanoma, the most dangerous type of skin cancer, commonly appears from either new or existing moles. There are several symptoms of melanoma to be aware of, pain being one of them. When melanoma forms, a mole can become painful.
sore mole

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However, not every painful mole is melanoma. Read here what you need to know about painful moles.

What is melanoma?

So, if I have a painful mole, how can I know if it is melanoma?

Itching mole

A study completed at Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center in 2010 and 2011, found that of 268 patients who had confirmed skin cancer lesions, more than 1/3 reported itchiness and approximately 30 percent reported them as being painful.

The results of this study show that pain can be related to melanoma skin cancer. However, it is not always possible to see if a mole is normal or not.

When a mole is painful, it could indicate a (pre-)cancerous skin spot, but the pain could also be triggered by something else.

For example, when you have an itching mole, you might scratch the surface of a mole. Certain types of clothing can also cause itching, resulting in a painful mole – even if that pain is not that strong.

Also, the skin around a mole can be irritated and feel like the mole itself is painful.

Skin cancer pictures

Sore mole

Sore moles can be an indication that something is not right. So, if you have a sore mole that is painful already for a few days, it seems like this is something you should have checked.

A self-check can help you identify any irregular patterns in your mole.

Use SkinVision to get a risk indication about your mole in the comfort of your home. In any case, if you feel concerned about a mole, you are advised to visit your doctor.

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