Combination skincare

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What is combination skin?

The most common type of combination skin is where there is an oily T-zone that runs across the forehead, down the nose, and onto the chin. This area is prone to breakouts and can look oily and red. The cheeks meanwhile are dry and can even be flaky and require more moisture. The word combination can also be used for skin where a variety of conditions exist on the face all at one time – ie a combination of skin complaints that may not be related to oily and dry patches.

Combination skincare

People with combination skin may need to take a little more care over the skincare products they choose and how and where they use them. You may find that you will need to use different products in different places in an attempt to balance out the texture of the skin. You can also try products that are “middle of the road” that meet your skin types somewhere in the middle. For mild combination skin issues, this may be enough.

A good combination of skincare routines

● Use a gentle cleanser that is lightweight and neither too oily or too drying. You may also prefer to choose a cleanser that contains no irritants and is designed for sensitive skin, especially if your skin is prone to breakouts or itchy patches.

● Always use a toner as this can balance the skin – however, avoid any that contain alcohol or irritants. Look for those products that contain antioxidants and anti-inflammatories that will repair the skin.

● Use sunscreen every day but choose one that is not likely to add to your skin issues. So avoid anything that is too oily or heavy on the skin and stick to a light sunscreen.

● Exfoliate your skin often – especially on the dry areas as this will remove the dead skin cells that accumulate and prevent these dry patches from becoming rough and itchy. Exfoliating can also unclog pores on the oily parts of your skin to prevent breakouts.

● Spot treat as required. This means applying heavy moisturizers only to dry patches and using a drying spot treatment for breakouts. Serums are especially good for restoring balance to certain parts of your face including the under-eye area.

Combination skin may change

You should be aware that as you get older and your hormones change, those oily patches on your skin may become drier. So always take the time to assess your skin to make sure you are using the best skincare routine to suit it.

Combination skincare may be a little more tricky than most, but with the right products and by applying them to the right places, you can balance your skin and make applying your makeup much easier.

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"The melanoma could have been on my arm for years"
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United Kingdom

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