How to get clear skin fast (in a week?) | 8 essential steps

We know a lot of people are asking themselves the same questions. How to get clear skin fast? Or even: How to get clear skin in a week? And although this is quite impossible, there are ways to get your skin clear super fast. Let’s go through the different steps to take and you’ll be waking up with glowing skin in no-time.
How to get clear skin fast

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How to get clear skin fast: Wash & cleanse

Before you go to bed, make sure your skin is nice and clean. Wash off any dirt, which might be invisible, and use a gentle cleanser (or a more aggressive one if you have fair skin and need results faster) on your face. Your skin will ‘repair’ itself overnight, and does that best when clean.

How to get clear skin fast: Facemask

A face mask will help your skin to rejuvenate (or what really happens: generate new skin cells) overnight. You can use any professional product out there based on your skin type. Or take the DIY route and make a mask out of yogurt and strawberries, which gives you a nice combination of hydrating and antioxidant ingredients.

How to get clear skin fast: Hydrate

Hydration is one of the key elements of clear skin. As a next step after washing your face, use a moisturizer to hydrate the skin. This could be a cream or lotion, with effectiveness depending on your skin type.

How to get clear skin fast: Hydrate

How to get clear skin fast: Spot treatment

The last step in the skincare routine is the spot treatment. There are a lot of specialized products to get your skin clear. Look for any blemishes or skin spots and treat them with a serum that has the most efficient mix of ingredients for your skin type. Treating spots with extra care will make a difference.

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How to get clear skin in a week: Clay mask

So the first four steps are a common skincare routine. But if you want results really (really) fast you might want to take some extra precautions. A clay mask can be the first one. The ingredients of clay will penetrate deep into the skin to clear out excess oil and any dirt. It will also open your pores and unclog them, making your skin feel rejuvenated right after.

How to get clear skin in a week: Aloe Vera

Treating the skin with aloe vera is a smart way to treat any unnatural parts of the skin. Aloe vera has a name for treating both acne and other (small) wounds. Apply aloe vera gel directly to the skin, but leave it there for an hour before washing it off. That last part is key.

How to get clear skin in a week: Steam

Boiling water can be the easiest DIY ingredients out there. The steam will help to clear out the pores and give you clean skin in the process. Steam will remove oil, dust, and dirt from the skin to make it glow. But don’t do this too long, two minutes will be sufficient.

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How to get clear skin in a week: Ice cubes

The finishing touch of getting a clear skin fast: use ice cubes to treat skin spots or a whole area that feels (and looks) tired. The ice will have a hydrating and cleaning effect. Do this for only two minutes as well, and cover it afterward with a soft moisturizing cream.

A nice routine that will help you to get that skin glow you have been after. Good luck with trying these tips!

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