Itchy red spots on skin

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This common condition often affects children and is thought to be an inflammatory reaction to everyday irritants. In some cases, the dry and scaly itchy skin can be improved by removing certain foods from the diet or avoiding chemicals on the skin, but in other cases, no obvious cause is found. Children do often grow out of it though.

Contact dermatitis

This skin inflammation is caused by a reaction to something you have touched or eaten. It can be difficult to identify what has caused it, but simple avoidance measures should improve the skin and prevent flare-ups.


This condition is also known as hives, welts or nettle rash and is caused by an allergen. The result can be widespread itchy skin – not just on the area that has been directly affected.


This difficult to treat the condition can have multiple flare-ups over the course of a lifetime and is often made worse by stress. It causes the skin to rapidly multiply leading to itchy patches.


Often in the scalp, this dry skin condition can lead to itchy patches and will result in flaky skin that falls into the hair.

Bites and Stings

You may find that certain insect bites and stings will cause red spots to develop and these can be very itchy. A good repellent and antihistamine may help.

What causes itchy red spots?

The most common cause of itchy red spots is an allergen. This might be cosmetics, certain foods (especially dairy), a reaction to medicines or chemicals on your clothing or in the air. Some people also have reactions when they are exposed to the metal on their skin and even when they touch certain plant materials – not just nettles!

You may experience a heat rash when the weather is warm and if you stay out in the sun you could get a sunburn, which can be very sore and damaging to the skin. Using a good sunscreen and avoiding the sun should help you to avoid this issue

As you can see, most red spots on the skin are preventable, but only if you can take the time to find the cause. In the meantime use a topical solution from your pharmacist to calm the itch and see your doctor if it gets worse or is persistent.

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"The melanoma could have been on my arm for years"
Andrew Bartlett
United Kingdom

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