What melanoma moles look like

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What melanoma moles look like: the ABCDE-method

It can be hard to identify possible dangerous spots on your skin. As a reminder, it’s good to take a closer look at any mole that looks or feels unnatural. Especially if that has developed new characteristics over time, and has changed.

Luckily there are tools to help you. First, let’s look at the ABCDE-method which is being used globally as a simple way to remember the things that you can look out for.

What does a melanoma mole look like?

A for Asymmetry. An asymmetric mole means that when you imagine cutting a mole in half, both halves will not look the same. One half might have a different shape or color or has a raised border.

B for Border. When there is a border around the mole, this could indicate that something is off. Especially when this border is raised and therefore lies higher on the skin than the mole itself. That’s what a melanoma could look like.

C for Color. Mentioned above already, but it’s good to emphasize; colors in moles are a sign to look out for. Of course, a typical mole is light (or darker) brown. But really dark brown or black, blue, green – or any other color is a sign that it needs a closer look.

D for Diameter. Imagine the round eraser on top of a pencil. A mole should not be bigger than that. if it is, you should make sure that it’s not dangerous.

E for Evolution. This means change. So when a mole is changing in size, height, color, etc it’s time to have it checked out. This might change over weeks or over multiple years’ time.

Types of skin moles and how to know if they’re safe

Perform regular self-checks

So what can you do to make sure you spot these signs of what melanoma moles look like? The first step is to perform regular self-checks. Dermatologists advise doing this every 3 months. You can use a mirror to slowly go over your body and look at your skin. The easier way is to use the SkinVision app, which you can use to photograph any moles you might worry about – you will receive an instant risk indication. Use the app to watch others as well and make sure they are safe.

Skin cancer pictures

When you receive a high-risk indication or feel uncomfortable about any skin issue in general, go and see your doctor for further examination and treatment.

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"The melanoma could have been on my arm for years"
Andrew Bartlett
United Kingdom
"The melanoma could have been on my arm for years"
Andrew Bartlett
United Kingdom

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