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That’s why it’s important for residents to know the warning signs, to get their moles examined often and to understand the options available for checking their skin. One of these options is a mole map. This is a thorough and specialized method that is used to check the skin for cancer risk. Below we’ll go over the basics of this method, discuss the warning signs of a cancerous mole and point you to some skin check resources available in New Zealand.

Mole map and where to start

When it comes to mole mapping, a good first step is to assess your own skin type risk. For people with fair skin and a large number of moles, the risk is highest and it’s advised by dermatologists to check moles every 3 months. You can start this process yourself by archiving photos of moles, and then following this up with dermatologist checks.

Mole mapping is a method that creates an overview of the moles on your body. For a lot of people, this means that tens to even hundreds of moles will be tracked and analyzed. A mole map expert or dermatologist will first examine your moles with a magnifying tool that allows them to see any abnormalities in the first layer of skin. Moles are usually then photographed with specialized cameras so that they can be tracked over time for developments and changes.

Mole map resources New Zealand

The good news is there are plenty of options available across New Zealand for getting your moles checked and keeping your skin safe. Acquaint yourself with the skin cancer resources below and get in touch with medical professionals who can check your skin.

Melanoma New Zealand lists several trusted providers on its website.

Learn the health of your skin
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Check your skin for skin cancer today.
"The melanoma could have been on my arm for years"
Andrew Bartlett
United Kingdom
"The melanoma could have been on my arm for years"
Andrew Bartlett
United Kingdom

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