Skin cancer symptoms pictures

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How to recognize skin cancer symptoms

There are a number of key symptoms of these conditions to monitor and the images below will help to recognize when moles and freckles need medical attention or pose a risk to your skin health.

An ideal way to monitor moles and overall skin health is to follow the ABCDE method as below:

●  A – asymmetry

●  B – border irregularity

●  C – color change

●  D – diameter

●  E – elevated(raised) or enlarged

Use the above method whilst focussing on your understanding of your normal skin health.

Skin cancer symptoms pictures: color and form

Moles are found on most people and some pose no additional risk. A healthy mole should have an even color and can be flat or raised. Melanoma begins in the cells that give skin its color and so if your healthy mole changes and has an irregular shape, grows or is uneven color, it should be assessed by a medical practitioner.

Skin cancer symptoms pictures: hairs

Hairs growing from a mole are not symptomatic of skin cancer on their own, but if this is a change that is new or is accompanied by any other symptom, it is important to seek medical advice.

Hairs growing out of a mole
Hairs growing out of a mole

Skin cancer symptoms pictures: unnatural shapes

A mole that is unevenly colored and seems misshapen may pose an additional risk of melanoma. Should the mole seem to have a darker point, it is essential to have this assessed to ensure that this is not the onset of cancerous cells growing.

Skin cancer symptoms pictures: borders

A mole that seems evenly colored and is in a uniformed shape may appear to be of minimal risk to your skin health. However, if the mole is surrounded by a border of a different color, it is vital to seek medical attention. Melanomas usually begin as a dark, fast-growing spot that was not previously there. Some skin cancers begin through an increase in the size of a mole and this may include a discolored increase in size.

A colored mole
A colored mole

Skin cancer symptoms pictures: pink spots

A red or pink spot on the skin could be a symptom of cancer. But to be sure what the spot is, have it assessed by a medical practitioner. Often a sign of basal cell carcinoma, these lumps are usually found on sun-exposed areas and tend to be more likely found on elderly skin.

Maximize your skin health and minimize your risk of skin cancers by practicing astute observations of your body and addressing any concerns promptly. The above pictures offer a guide of some skin cancer symptoms, though this is not an exhaustive source. Be sure to seek medical advice for any changes to your skin or for moles that become enlarged, itch or bleed.

Red or pink spot on a mole
Red or pink spot on a mole
Learn the health of your skin
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"The melanoma could have been on my arm for years"
Andrew Bartlett
United Kingdom
"The melanoma could have been on my arm for years"
Andrew Bartlett
United Kingdom

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