Skin care routine in 7 steps

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Step 1: Cleanse!

Keeping your skin healthy and glowing starts with clean skin. A cleanser can help you do that. Make sure to talk to a skincare specialist who can advise you based on your skin type – as there are a lot of cleansers available. Try something with natural ingredients, and apply both in the morning and right before you go to sleep (combine with a calming night cream if you want to). It’s the right start of your new skincare routine.

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Step 2: Don’t touch your face

Whenever we are tired, disappointed, or just for no reason at all – a lot of people tend to put their hands on their faces as a habit. Try not to do that. Not anymore. Your hands are full of bacteria, which is okay to be on your hands, but your facial skin is a lot more sensitive. Those bacteria will get into your pores and undo all the hard work you’ve done.

Step 3: Skin type specifics

Knowing your skin type is important within your skincare routine. Do you have fair skin, sensitive, or even problem skin? These will determine what kind of skincare products you want to use: they will have a different impact on every skin. In step 1, you would have talked to a specialist about this, so follow that advice when shopping for other skincare products.

Step 4: Moisturize!

Moist is an essential factor when it comes to the look of your skin. When dry, the skin tends to show spots, and you might look really tired. But also if you have oily skin, moisturize! Do not forget to cleanse your skin first before applying the moisturizer. You might do this twice a day, as well. There are a lot of products available, but in general, creams are best for dry and sensitive skin, while gels or serums take better care of oily skin.

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Step 5: Really, don’t touch your face

We made this clear already, but just as a reminder: don’t touch your face. This also means that any pimples should be left alone. Don’t squeeze them or remove them in any other way. It will hurt, they will come back – or even worse, it will leave scars on your face. By following this skincare routine, the pimples will eventually go away, try to trust that. Really!

Step 6: Toners and serums

You are cleansing twice a day and keeping the skin moist with a gentle moisturizer based on your skin type. Now it’s time for the finishing touch. Toners and serums can take care of certain spots and wrinkles that might occur. Especially the so-called ‘T-zone’ (forehead, nose, and down to the chin) will have areas that might be more oily or show some discoloring. Use specific eye- and nose products for those areas to take care of them.

Step 7: Monitor skin health

While appearance is a significant factor in any skincare routine, skin health might be even more important. Keeping your skin healthy is the best way to have it look good. If you have any skin spots that might look unnatural or moles that worry you: make sure to check these out. You can use self-check apps like SkinVision’s as a first step to being sure you are okay. If you don’t feel comfortable with a spot on your skin, go and see your doctor dermatologist as well, of course.

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And now, the last important thing is to create a habit out of this skincare routine.

Stick to it! Also, if you don’t see any real improvement after 1 or 2 months, you might consider talking to another specialist about the products you are using – and experiment with other ingredients. Good luck!

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Skin care routine in 7 steps 1
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Andrew Bartlett
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"The melanoma could have been on my arm for years"
Andrew Bartlett
United Kingdom

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