What is amelanotic melanoma?

About 6% of all melanomas do not display typical features. Amelanotic melanoma presents itself as a colorless melanoma due to a lack of melanin. For many of us, the ABCDEs of melanoma are synonymous with detection and prevention but amelanotic melanoma often defies this prevention method.
Amelanotic melanoma

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What is amelanotic melanoma?

For this reason, it is often missed or misdiagnosed. Amelanotic melanomas can also appear in variations of light pink, red, purple or as your normal skin color. This means they may resemble a common scar, eczema or even be mistaken for other skin cancers like squamous cell carcinoma or basal cell carcinoma.

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Detecting amelanotic melanoma symptoms

I fit often resembles something harmless, then how do we detect it? While most of the ABCDEs are no longer relevant, the E is still an important one to keep in mind here. The key to catching amelanotic melanoma early is by noticing any changes that occur on your skin over time.

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Once a month, do a head-to-toe skin check, noting every mark or blemish, even if it doesn’t look like your typical mole. Then pay attention to if these lesions evolve or change over time. If they do, then you have cause for concern and should contact your doctor immediately. New or changing lesions can be a sign of melanoma.

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