Generali and SkinVision Offer New Service for Skin Cancer Screening in Germany

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For about two decades, the number of skin cancers across Europe has been rising steadily.  Every year more than 200,000 people in Germany are diagnosed with the disease – and the trend is rising.

The earlier skin cancer is detected, the higher the chances of patient survival. To counteract the rising numbers, SkinVision has partnered with Central, the health insurance branch of Generali in Germany. With the SkinVision service, anyone can detect the first signs of skin cancer with their smartphone from the comfort of their home.

“With our app, we motivate many users to go to their doctor early in the case of skin changes, ensuring they get there at the right time” says Erik de Heus, CEO of SkinVision. “The service can also reduce the costs to the healthcare system. We are very excited about how this partnership will evolve”.

“The use of intelligent technologies is a central component of our Smart Insurance offensive” explains Dr. med. Jochen Petin, Chief Insurance Officer Health of Generali Deutschland AG and CEO of Central Krankenversicherung. “Around two years ago, Generali started its digital transformation with the aim of becoming a reliable partner in all areas of life for its policyholders.  We are doing this through the use of innovative solutions, particularly in the area of preventative health, ensuring we reach the customer before they are affected. We do not just want to insure, we want to improve”.

The SkinVision service complements the offer of Generali in Germany to support a health-conscious life. Customers of Generali partner DVAG can use it for skin cancer screening via “MeineApp”. The service is also available for the general public, costing just €5 per assessment or €25 for unlimited access to the service for an entire year.

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SkinVision Press

"The melanoma could have been on my arm for years"
Andrew Bartlett
United Kingdom
"The melanoma could have been on my arm for years"
Andrew Bartlett
United Kingdom

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