SkinVision Research

Research is at the heart of our organization.

Our Approach

To ensure our device’s safety and effectiveness, we collaborate with leading academic medical centers and experts in the field of dermatology from Erasmus MC, Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, and the Catharina Ziekenhuis teaching hospital. 

The latest research conducted in collaboration with Erasmus MC determined a sensitivity and specificity above the current Standard of Care.

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Clinical Evidence

Retrospective Accuracy Study

Accuracy of a smartphone application for triage of skin lesions based on machine learning algorithms. This research determined a sensitivity of 95% and specificity of 78% of the SkinVision Service.

mHealth Skin Cancer App Review

Development of Smartphone Apps for Skin Cancer Risk Assessment: Progress and Promise

Eindhoven Clinical Validation Study

mHealth App for Risk Assessment of Pigmented and Nonpigmented Skin Lesions-A Study on Sensitivity and Specificity in Detecting Malignancy

Munich Clinical Validation Study

Accuracy of a smartphone application using fractal image analysis of pigmented moles compared to clinical diagnosis and histological result