Melanoma symptoms pictures

Many of us will put off doing important things like getting ourselves checked by the doctor because we might think our symptoms are not worth their time. But when it comes to skin cancer there really is no time like the present and if you can arm yourself with pictures of your melanoma symptoms, you really have something to show the doctor that can help with diagnosis. Taking melanoma symptoms pictures is well worth the time and effort.
Melanoma symptoms pictures

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Melanoma symptoms

Melanoma symptoms to watch out for are quite varied and may start out looking very innocent. But it is worth taking photos of even the smallest changes in your skin so you and your doctor can do comparisons. The symptoms to watch out for include:

  • A mole that has started changing or growing in any way
  • A mole that is itchy
  • Any mole that is an irregular shape without defined edges
  • A mole that has more than one color
  • A mole that has started to grow upwards and seems thicker than usual
  • Any new growth anywhere on your body
  • Any mole that is oozing or bloody
Looking for examples? Find them here: melanoma pictures (warning: graphic images of skin diseases ahead)

Why take pictures of melanoma symptoms?

You should take photos of your melanoma symptoms as early as possible. As soon as you notice any unusual changes then you should take a photo and compare it to how it looks today on a regular basis. Some melanomas will change very rapidly while others can take months to develop – so you may not always see the changes as they occur. Always photograph a new mole so that you have it on record for any future developments.

You can then take your timeline of photos to your doctor to back up your concerns. They will ask you questions about how long a mole has been there, but your answers may not give them the whole story – photos will.

Your photos are used mostly for comparisons and will be incredibly useful for your doctor and for you when you are deciding if something requires a doctor’s visit.

How do I take pictures of melanoma symptoms?

You have a few choices here, but one of the easiest and most accurate methods is an app like SkinVision. This allows you to take high-resolution photos of your moles and document where on the body they are, the date of the photo and to add photos at regular intervals. Some tips for getting good photos include the following:

  • Take photos in good light (daylight is excellent) and always use similar light when taking future photos.
  • Try to be the same distance from the camera in all photos.
  • Place a measuring tape next to the mole to show the size.
  • Ask friends or family to take pictures of your back.

Melanoma symptoms pictures are an easy and useful tool in the identification and treatment of skin cancers and could really help you when you visit your doctor. Don’t put it off any longer!

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