Suspicious skin spot or mole?

Check your skin with your smartphone.

1 in 5
will develop skin cancer

Did you know that on average, 1 in 5 people will develop skin cancer? 

If the disease is detected in time, rapid and effective treatment is often possible. With SkinVision you can regularly check your skin so that you can find the right care on time, if necessary.

With SkinVision, check a suspicious skin spot anywhere

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Take a photo of a skin spot with the SkinVision app and get an immediate assessment of the risk.

How does it work?

Quick and convenient

Download our app, and take a photo of a skin spot on your smartphone.

Our technology analyses your photo and gives you an instant risk recommendation and advice on what you should do next.


We assess your photo using our clinically validated algorithm.

Recent studies show it has a sensitivity of 95% in detecting the most common types of skin cancer.

Track your skin spots

Set skin check reminders and save photos of your skin spots, so you can look for any changes over time.


Free of charge courtesy of Allianz Partners

Are you an employee of Allianz Care? Your employer has provided our service to you free of charge. 

Your HR Wellbeing team will share all information explaining how to activate your account to access your SkinVision Year Plan.

Who can join:

All Allianz employees! 

How to use SkinVIsion

1. Take your first photo

Our app will assess your photo using our CE marked, clinically validated algorithm.

2. Your risk assessment

You will see one of three risk assessments based on the risk class including low, low (with symptoms that you have reported) or high risk.

3. Track your skin spots

Set reminders so you can check your skin regularly. It’s no different than regularly visiting your dentist. Keep track of changes in your skin overtime.

You are joining more than 1 million people that use SkinVision to keep their skin healthy.


SkinVision users


Photos taken


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Frequently asked questions.

All Allianz Global employees! To register for this program, you must use your Allianz email address. 

Registered participants will receive the following as part of the program:

– A SkinVision Year Plan.
– An unlimited amount of algorithm-based analyses of your moles and skin conditions to check for changes over time.
– Unlimited access to the features in the app including the risk profile, local UV index updates and skin cancer information.

SkinVision is a CE marked medical app for checking spots on your skin. Our service helps you understand potential risks related to your skin and allows you to seek timely advice from a doctor, if necessary.

You can save photos to keep track of changes and show them to your doctor, or submit them for review by our algorithm. We will then tell you within 30 seconds if there is an increased risk and advise you on any follow-up steps. 

The algorithm has been developed and tested in cooperation with dermatologists and checks for signs of skin cancer. 
No, it is not a diagnostic device and does not replace a visit to your doctor. SkinVision helps you become aware of potential skin irregularities that may need timely attention from a doctor. Please note that if at any time you feel concerned or you see that the lesion on your skin is changing in thickness, size, colour, fluid content or bleeding, we recommend you visit your doctor as soon as possible.

In order to offer our users the best service and quality, SkinVision is only available on mobile devices that can meet the requirements for an accurate risk indication. SkinVision is available on most Android smartphones (from 2017) and iPhones (5 and higher), excluding tablets like iPads.

Place the camera over the mole or skin spot. When the proper conditions are met, the camera automatically takes the photo in the automatic camera setting. Answer the symptom questions, and click next. You will then see your risk indication. 

To take the highest quality images, follow these instructions:
  • Photos are best taken in natural daylight, however indoors near a window or any brightly lit space will also work.
  • Move anything creating a shadow on your skin out of the way, including hair.
  • If your photos are coming out blurry, try resting your body on a steady surface while the photo is taken.
  • Hold the camera around 20cm from your skin. The in-app automatic camera allows you to make an assessment of your moles and skin conditions to find out your associated risk, while the manual camera can be used for tracking other skin conditions such as acne, rashes, eczema and psoriasis over time.

Your SkinVision profile helps you better understand your risk and provide you with personalised skin advice. The SkinVision profile contains a daily UV index and recommendations on how to protect yourself from harmful UV rays. Additionally, it contains a skin type questionnaire and risk profile questionnaire. The information you share will help you better understand your skin, provide you with more personalised skin advice, and provide you with an archive of information that you can share with your doctor.

No. Your activity on the SkinVision app is completely confidential from your employer. We may provide aggregate reporting to your employer on a periodic basis, however we will always ensure that reporting groups have a minimum of 10 participants to maintain anonymity.