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The SkinHealth Program

Accuro 1

1. Check your email

Follow the personal link send to you by email.

Accuro 2

2. Download SkinVision

The link will direct you to the app store where you can download SkinVision.

Accuro 1

3. Make an account

Follow the sign up process. You will automatically be credited with the benefits of the Acccuro partnership.

Accuro 4

4. Take your first photo

Use SkinVision’s Smart Camera to capture your skin spot and have it analysed by our clinically proven technology.

Accuro 5

5. Your risk assessment

It’s no different than visiting your dentist or even your gym. You put that in your calendar, this is the same, but we’ll help you remember.

Accuro 6

6. Set up reminders

Follow the sign up process. You will automatically be credited with the benefits of the Accuro partnership.

Learn the health of your skin
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Check your skin for skin cancer today.

Accuro Health Insurance provides you with an
exclusive free 1-year subscription.

Skin Health Stories
“The more people who are made aware of this the better, it saved my life, it could save many, many more.”
Seonaid Sichel
SkinVision user in the United Kingdom

Frequently asked questions about
the SkinVision program.

All Accuro members! To register for this program, you must use your email address that is registered on your Accuro account.

Accuro members are entitled to a complimentary SkinHealth program (value $44.99). With the SkinHealth program:

  • You can make unlimited Smart Checks for an entire year.
  • You no longer have to visit the doctor unnecessarily. Check your skin anytime from the comfort of your home.
  • If you receive a high risk indication, our team of dermatologists and image recognition specialists gives you personal advice within 2 business days about next steps to take.

SkinVision offers a proprietary and clinically-proven technology to detect potential signs of chaotic growth (skin cancer) in a timely fashion. The algorithm has been developed and tested in cooperation with dermatologists and checks for irregularities in colour, texture, and shape of the lesion. The online solution helps you understand potential risks related to your skin and allows you to seek timely advice from a doctor if necessary.

Place the Smart Camera over the mole or skin condition. When the proper conditions are met, the Smart Camera automatically takes the photo.

Sometimes a few attempts are needed. Here are some tips:
  • Make sure there is enough light, but don’t stand in direct sunlight.
  • Make sure there is nothing (hair, shadow, etc.) in the way.
  • Hold the camera 10-20 cm from the skin spot and move slowly towards and away from the skin until 3 blue rings appear.
  • Keep the camera still (try resting it against your body) and the picture is taken automatically.

Yes! Three people in total in your family can sign up using the same unique personal code as yourself.

No, it is not a diagnostic device and does not replace a visit to your doctor. SkinVision helps you become aware of potential skin irregularities that may need timely attention from a doctor. Please note that if at any time you feel concerned or you see that the lesion on your skin is changing in thickness, size, colour, fluid content or bleeding, we recommend you visit your doctor as soon as possible.

SkinVision is available for iOS and Android devices. The app is functional for iPhone 4s and higher and is optimised for iPhone 5 and higher. On Android, it is functional for Samsung S4 devices and higher. If you don’t own one of these devices, you should consider if you can download the app on a compatible device of a family member or close friend.

Your SkinVision profile helps you better understand your risk and provide you with personalised skin advice. The SkinVision profile contains a daily UV index and recommendations on how to protect yourself from harmful UV rays. Additionally, it contains a skin type questionnaire and risk profile questionnaire. The information you share will help you better understand your skin, provide you with more personalised skin advice, and provide you with an archive of information that you can share with your doctor.

No. Your activity on the SkinVision app is completely confidential from Accuro. We may provide aggregate reporting to Accuro on a periodic basis, however we will always ensure that reporting groups have a minimum of 10 participants to maintain anonymity.

Some skin lesions are difficult to assess with the Smart Camera, like hairy lesions, or lesions placed in or around skin folds. SkinVision is working on a new service that allows users to disable the Smart Camera to capture these lesions.

We’re currently offering this service to a selection of our users. Accuro members do not have access to this service yet. We’re working hard on the development of this service and look forward to offering it to Accuro members as well.

Help & Support
If you cannot find an answer there, please contact us
"The melanoma could have been on my arm for years"
Andrew Bartlett
United Kingdom
"The melanoma could have been on my arm for years"
Andrew Bartlett
United Kingdom

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