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Skin Cancer

SkinVision to Join NHS Innovation Accelerator

App empowering people to monitor themselves for early signs of skin cancer selected to join NHS Innovation Accelerator

SkinVision, An app which empowers people to monitor themselves for early signs of skin cancer is one of four new technologies supporting earlier diagnosis and prevention of cancer, selected to join the NHS Innovation Accelerator.

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New Zealand Partnership Finds 60 Skin Cancers in First Two Months

Accuro Insurance, a New Zealand owned and operated health insurance provider, rolled out a new membership benefits programme for its members in December of 2017. The long-standing benefit program has seen Accuro’s members gaining access to everything from dentists to health foods. The newest partnership has produced a potentially life-saving result far closer to home than ever expected.  

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CZ en SkinVision in de prijzen gevallen

De jury van de Dutch Digital Health Challenge, een wedstrijd om implementatie van innovaties in de Nederlandse zorg te versnellen, selecteerde de samenwerking tussen CZ en SkinVision als winnaar in de categorie “Zorgverzekeraar”. Het ministerie van volksgezondheid, welzijn en sport (VWS), Rockstart (een start up incubator) en Health 2.0 werken in deze challenge samen. Hun gezamenlijke doel is om van Nederland het beste digitale health ecosysteem te maken. Met deze wedstrijd willen zij Nederlandse digitale health startups in de schijnwerpers zetten en hen ondersteunen in het opzetten van samenwerkingen.

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Half of Queensland’s female students still attempt to tan

New research from the Australian Secondary Students’ Alcohol and Drug survey shows that students in Queensland still attempt to tan in the summer. It seems they are ignoring the fact that tanning has a direct impact on skin cancer risk. The outcome of the survey reveals that it is primarily girls as opposed to boys are still into tanning.

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