The SkinVision Service

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Do you have spots on your

If you have one or more spots on your skin, then SkinVision is for you. Our customers range from people with just a few spots to those who have (or have had) skin cancer and want an easy way to keep track of any changes. 

Whether you want to be proactive about your skin and are looking to establish a routine, or want to ensure you don’t miss any high-risk spots, SkinVision can support you. 

On average
1 in 5 people will develop skin cancer

UV exposure is the biggest cause of cancer

One severe sunburn heavily increases the chances of ever getting skin cancer

The SkinVision Service 1

Why should you use SkinVision?

SkinVision wants to empower you to check your skin spots for signs of skin cancer.

Our technology analyzes your photo and gives you an instant risk assessment and advice on what you should do next, so that you can see a doctor in time, if needed.

SkinVision allows you to store photos to keep track of changes over time, helping you to monitor changes in the long term. 

Understand your skin

When speaking about skin cancer, several factors can impact your risk, one of them being your skin type. 

SkinVision offers a questionnaire, which helps you to identify your skin type to be aware to what extent sun exposure can impact your skin. 

Download SkinVision and fill in the questionnaire to learn more about your skin type.

* The Fitzpatrick scale is used by dermatologists as a numerical classification for human skin color and how it responds to the sun.

The SkinVision Service 2

How do I take a photo?

After registration, take a photo of a skin spot on your smartphone in a well-lit area. 

Within 30 seconds, our algorithm will provide you with a risk assessment in the app. 

Some places may be difficult to capture and you will need the help of someone else.

First steps

This is how to
use SkinVision

The SkinVision Service 3

Take a photo of your skin spot

Open the SkinVision camera and take a photo of the skin spot that concerns you. Our app will assess your photo using our CE marked, clinically validated algorithm.​

The SkinVision Service 4

Receive your risk assessment

Within 30 seconds, you'll receive a risk indication, detailing whether it is recommended to visit a doctor for further examination of the lesion, or to check regularly for any changes.

The SkinVision Service 5

Track your skin spots

Securely save photos of your skin spots so you can look for changes over time. Set reminders so you can check your skin regularly.

The SkinHealth Program

SkinVision offers a program to provide you with unlimited access to the service to help you stay on top of your skin checks (note that there is no subscription). 

The SkinHealth Program provides unlimited Smart Checks, supportive reminders and recommendations when needed, for a year or three months at a time. 

Avoid waiting times at the doctor and unnecessary doctor visits.

The SkinVision Service 6


Single Skin

€6,99 per check

1 Year unlimited checks

Best value

€49,99 a year

Equivalent to €4,17 a month. No subscription. 

3 Months unlimited checks

€29,99 for 3 months

Equivalent to €8,33 a month. No subscription. 

Informieren Sie sich über die Gesundheit Ihrer Haut
The SkinVision Service 7
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Andrew Bartlett
"Das Melanom könnte schon Jahre auf meinem Arm gewesen sein"
Andrew Bartlett
Andrew Bartlett
"Das Melanom könnte schon Jahre auf meinem Arm gewesen sein"
Andrew Bartlett

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